Tacx - I-Vortex

Tacx - I-Vortex

I-Vortex er den nyeste Virtual Reality-Trainer fra Tacx
Denne træner er udstyret med den nye Tacx Trainer 4 basic software
Forbindelsen til din computer er trådløs.

4.0 softwaren er en langt stærkere og flottere software end de tidligere versioner. Dermed sætter den også større krav til din computer

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Virtual Reality trainer
Training with PC & stand-alone
•Handlebar computer, programs manually adjustable
•Tacx Trainer software 4, Basic
•Incl. Skyliner front wheel support; BlackTrack steering frame optional
Electro brake
•8 permanent-magnets & 8 controllable electro magnets
•Integrated 2 kg flywheel
•Max. resistance 950 Watt; adjustable in percent
Electro brake
The i-Vortex works with an electro brake. By placing magnets and electro magnets beside a rotating aluminium disc, eddy currents are created which generate an opposing magnetic field. In this way a non-contact, maintenance-free brake is realized that is also silent. Thanks to the electro brake a resistance can be set that you also experience on the road or in a climb.
Virtual speed
The electro brake does not have a downhill drive, such as the motor brake of the i-Genius, and it generates less power while riding uphill. When you are cycling in a virtual terrain or in a film you can get outside the range for which the brake is intended. In the second graph the working range of the i-Vortex is shown. To allow cyclists with a motor brake and cyclists with an electro brake to ride races against each other in Multiplayer, Tacx has developed the virtual speed. This concept translatesthe energy supplied into a certain speed, which can guarantee a fair contest. If this speed differs from the speed at which the rear wheel is running, the virtual speed will be shown on the screen in red.

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